Islamic Da'wah Council of the Philippines, Inc.


To work together for the upliftment of the economic, educational and social status of the Filipino Muslims and the poor and needy segments of the Philippine society thru welfare programmes in cooperation with the welfare and development agencies in order to attain total human development.


To create better understanding thru mutual respect, help and cooperation among our peoples taking into consideration the values and guidance laid down by the Almighty God.

What is IDCP?

A registered federation of 98 Muslim Organizations throughout the Philippines. It is an Accredited Islamic Religious Non-Government Organization (NGO) by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD);

IDCP is an active member of the following:

  1. World Halal Council (WHC);
  2. Regional Islamic Da'wah Council of Southeast Asia & The Pacific (RISEAP);
  3. World Assembly of Muslim Youth
  4. World Federation of Islamic Missions and others

IDCP is also a counterpart of the IDB Educational Trust Foundation in the Philippines.


Established and registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 4,1982 by nine (9) member organizations. The IDCP was the first and pioneer da'wah organization in the Philippines to herald the truth of Islam in the midst of the prevailing misconception and de-Islamizations at the time.

At the same time, to teach and assist anyone especially the newly converted Muslims and the youth on the true meaning and teachings of Islam.

IDCP suddenly grew to seventy-two (72) member organizations in the span of ten (10) years. As of now, the IDCP has 95 member organizations nationwide.

Since 1986, IDCP sponsored nationwide radio program on Islamic awareness, conducting nightly broadcast on radio stations.

With some Islamic scholars from UK, KSA, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt until 1988 as guest lecturer.

IDCP as Halal Certification Body

IDCP started to include Halal verification and accreditation on food and non-food products since 1987 but formulated its Halal Certification policies in 1995. Became member of WHC (World Halal Council) in year 2000 with Indonesia, was its president up to the present and thereafter became recognized Halal certification and accreditation authority worldwide.

On July 3, 2003, the Supreme Court of the Philippines decreed that the Government cannot certify Halal being a religious concern and the IDCP and similar organization is the official Halal Certification Authority. To date, IDCP has certified more than 1,500 companies here and abroad as Halal accredited companies in which IDCP has endorsed and guaranteed their products as Halal and fit for the use and consumption of Muslims and mankind in general.